Tech Battles: Microsoft Vs. Google

You wouldn’t think that a maker of computer operating software and a search engine would have much to compete over, but Microsoft and Google have grown so much over the years–the range of products between the two includes video game consoles, driverless cars, and cellphones–that they’re become direct competitors in many industries.

Microsoft has the longer history, but Google has the stronger tech vibe. Which is the better company? Let’s pit their parallel products and services against one another.


Google has Google Search (obviously). Microsoft has Bing. Which search engine is better?

Winner: Google.

No surprise here, really. Try as it might, Microsoft shows no signs of breaking Google’s dominance of the search market. It isn’t even close, with 1.17 billion Google users worldwide to Bing’s 267 million. Bing is alright, but it hasn’t reached Google’s search-relevance or brand power.

Voice Chat App

Microsoft bought Skype, one of the breakthrough internet-powered chat services and the leader before the likes of WhatsApp, Facetime, and Tango came into their own. You can call other people who have the Skype app via desktop and mobile app. With Skype credit, you can call phones.

Google has developed its own app–Google Hangouts, which has many of the same features as Skype, like messaging, voice and video calls, and screen sharing. You can also use Google to call phones for free within the US.

Winner: Microsoft

This is by a hair, really. Hangouts is great and you don’t have to download anything. And being able to make free calls to phone is fantastic. Unfortunately, both the desktop and mobile versions of Hangouts are still kind of buggy, with freezing up, lagging, and dropped calls. If Google can resolve these issues, it’ll have the advantage.


Google is best known in the phone arena as maker of the massively important Android operating system, which outsells Apple’s iOS. Most non-iPhones use Android, making Google the Microsoft of the smartphone world. However, unknown to many, Google does produce its own phone–the Nexus.

Microsoft jumped into the smartphone game a bit late with its Windows Phone. It’s developed a unique partnership with Nokia so that Windows Phone is the main operating system on all its devices.

Winner: Google

Android is smoother, more user-friendly, and more presentable. Plus, Windows Phone is still lagging behind Android and iOS when it comes to app availability.

User Account

A Microsoft Account gives you access to Skype,, Hotmail, and Xbox Live. A Google Account hooks you up with Gmail, Youtube, Blogger, Google Plus, and Google Photos. Which account gets you the most value?

Winner: Tie

The services offered under these accounts are very diverse. It really comes down to your needs. You may find yourself creating accounts with both Microsoft and Google to take advantage of their different sevices.

Cloud Office Suite

Microsoft, with its Office Suite, has traditionally been the leader in word processing, email management, spreadsheets, and the like.

Then came Google with its Google Drive–a cloud storage system that incorporates a word processor, spreadsheet, and slideshow maker. While more rudimentary than Microsoft Office, these tools provide a great way for people to create and store files and collaborate with colleagues. They are so useful that the UK government has decided to replace Office with Google Apps on its premises.

Not wanting to be left behind, Microsoft developed its own cloud software–OneDrive–that incorporates the familiar Office interface.

Winner: Microsoft

Both of these services have similar prices once you surpass the free storage limit. Microsoft takes the cake because it’s simply more sophisticated. Google’s apps are nice, but they could definitely devote more time to giving them the breadth of features you have with Microsoft Office. If they were to do this, they could really give Microsoft a run for its money.

More Forward Thinking Brand

Microsoft was founded in 1975, Google in 1998. Both of them have revolutionized our world. Both remain relevant and are continually adapting. Both are billion-dollar companies–Google has a market cap of $365.46 billion and Microsoft is at $349.billion. Who takes the cake in terms of innovation?

Winner: Google

Google is continuously pushing the boundaries in terms of what can be done technologically and corporately. In addition to self-driving cars, Google R&D is working on automating homes, building robots, constructing elevators to space, and more. Microsoft follows the latest trends; Google sets them.

That’s why, despite it being a close call, Google comes out on top. In under 20 years, Google has beat Microsoft in terms of value. It’s a true game changer in American business and is working on some real world-changing products.

Somebody has to win. In this battle, the search giant takes the trophy.